About the Film

We live in the age of the algorithm. Every day, our lives are mediated by forces that we cannot see and do not understand. Our actions, movements, decisions, and unconscious desires are monitored, recorded, and stripped down to lines of code. A vast trove of behavioural data is mined, primed, and manipulated on an individual level, producing billions of unique newsfeeds and different ways of experiencing reality.

As one of the primary architects of this new social order, Facebook has dramatically re-shaped the world in its image. And with its recent rebranding as Meta Platforms and the official launch of the so-called Metaverse, Facebook has staked a claim to worlds not yet born.

A collaboration by anarchist filmmakers subMedia, Antimídia, and Wind Born Films, The Social Empire is a forthcoming film about just what type of world that Facebook has created, and the implications for those of us fighting for new worlds of our own.

Coming summer 2022.

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